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I am a Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years experience and I’m passionate about helping my patients achieve and maintain optimal wellness, feel their best, and reduce health risks through behavior modification. I provide personalized, integrative care that is accessible, convenient, affordable, and never rushed. My goal is to seek the root cause rather than continue to treat the symptoms. I want to be healthy so I can feel and look my best. If I can inspire one person to feel the same way about themselves, then I call that a success. But, before we get into that, let’s go back to the beginning.  

I was the lead provider of a prominent and successful weight loss clinic for several years. As I built rapport and trust with my patients, the question that I kept hearing was “Do you check hormone levels?” At this particular franchise, we did not evaluate or treat hormone imbalances even if abnormal lab results were found. Instead, I had to refer patients to other treatment facilities. My choices for referral were limited and, often times, my patients did not follow through. 

I began to educate myself by reading research articles about hormone levels and the effects of imbalances on men and women. I quickly realized the complaints among patients with hormone imbalances were nearly identical as those that my patients struggling to lose weight reported. Maybe their hormones were to blame? 

This motivated me to enroll in several courses to expand my knowledge base in recognizing symptoms, accurately diagnosing, and appropriately managing hormone imbalances in men and women. I also attended a Women in Business Networking Leadership conference and immersed myself in honing my leadership skills and collaborating with powerful and successful women.

 In my pursuit of self-diagnosis and treatment, I realized there’s not adequate access to hormone replacement therapy in the Dayton, OH area and there are a lot of individuals who are suffering with the symptoms associated with hormone imbalance NEEDLESSLY. And I was just the one to help them!

It wasn’t until last year that I noticed I was having some of the same symptoms as my patients. When I spoke with my friends, they were experiencing the same issues. I was tired all the time, slept like crap, couldn’t focus, my stress level was causing me to have increased anxiety, my joints ached, and I was just feeling like a slug. Seriously, for the first time in my life, I truly felt my age. Everything I did before and everything I educated patients about…..well, none of it was helping. As difficult as it was, I had to come to terms that I just getting old. Getting old sucks! But truth be told, I was nearly 50 years old and probably perimenopausal. 

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