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Feeling Run Down?

December 30, 2022

Are you feeling run down? Does just the routine of every day life cause you to feel tired ALL. THE. TIME??

Occasionally, stress at work or at home can take a toll on our energy levels. Sometimes, just sitting on the couch scrolling through Instagram or TikTok takes the last ounce of energy we can muster. When our motivation is low, our responsibilities begin to pile up and increase our stress levels. Day in, day out. Constant stress overload. Being in a state of chronic stress can overwhelm your adrenals, leaving you feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted all the time.

When we have hormonal imbalances, we tend to have difficulty dealing with everyday stressors. Coupled with common symptoms of imbalance like fatigue, poor sleep, weight gain, brain fog, muscle aches, and joint pain (just to name a few), we simply get overwhelmed.

When these symptoms appear, there could be multiple culprits, making it difficult to know what our bodies need in order to feel our best. If you’re between 30-65 years old, it may be time to evaluate your hormone levels.