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Get Out of Your Way!

April 7, 2022

Back to talking about matters that delay you from achieving your weight loss goals. We’ve already examined that your mind has to be ready, you must be mentally ‘THERE’. Ready to discuss another big obstacle?

2) You’re giving yourself excuses.

Yep. Whether it’s unintentional or purposefully, everyone does it. Trust me, I can talk myself out of ‘dieting’ all year long!

“I can’t start my diet today because it’s Rhonda’s Baby Shower next Thursday and I know Aunt Betty is going to make her famous potato salad. What’s the point in starting now if I know I’m going to eat that? Oh, Jack + Amy’s wedding is in 2 weeks. I’ll start after that. Wait…we’re gonna be in Florida for a week visiting my parents the week after. I know they’re going to want to eat out every night so I can’t start until after we return. Then, ugh…I just realized that our daughter’s birthday is the 20th and we’ll be having people over. No one wants diet food for a birthday party, plus there’s cake and ice cream. I’ll just have to wait until the first of the month. Well hang on a minute, that’s a Friday and I’m meeting up with my girlfriends. I know we’ll be drinking some adult beverages for our GNO so I’ll just hold off until the following Monday.”

See what happened? A whole month just flew by because of random occasions that could be used as an excuse. I know you’ve been there, too. It just sounds way more ridiculous coming from someone else’s mouth. 😉

C’mon… let’s go back to the last post. Be honest with yourself. Where do those excuses leave you? Unhealthy, fatigued, grumpy, bloated, and discouraged with myself that you haven’t followed through.

Understand that there will ALWAYS be holidays, vacations, birthdays, special occasions, get-togethers, etc. Is there one full month where you have absolutely nothing going on in your life?? I already know the answer. And so do you. There is never going to be a time where you won’t have the opportunity to delay initiating better health habits.

And more times than not, overeating occurs in anticipation of the dreaded upcoming ‘diet’. In that respect, giving yourself excuses is actually working against you causing you to eat more and gain weight.

Stop using these events as rationalizations from being committed to yourself and reaching your weight loss goals. Get out of your way!